Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love, Caring, Self Worth, Self Esteem, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories

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May You Always Feel Loved, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


My Friends, The Angels, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:"An angel here, an angel there, I'm surrounded by angels everywhere. When I'm in the middle of a terrible storm They come with their candles to keep me warm."


Nothing Is More Important Than Relationships:"I sat next to the bed of old man, a friend for over twenty years, and held his hand. Hal was dying. We both knew these next few days would be his last. We spent time reminiscing about his long and fruitful career as a church pastor. We talked about old friends. We chatted about his family. And I listened as he offered sage wisdom and advice to a member of a "younger generation."

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Old Man and His Dog,The, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:"An old man and his dog were walking along a country road, enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to the man that he had died. He remembered dying, and realized, too, that the dog had been dead for many years. He wondered where the road would lead them, and continued onward."


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