Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctors' house calls making a comeback -

Dr. Ina Li walked down the seventh-floor hallway of a local apartment building recently, pausing at each door to check the number.

She finally found the one of her patient, Katherine Talmo.

It's easier for Talmo if Li, a geriatrician, comes to her. The 90-year-old doesn't get out nearly as much since she stopped driving nine years ago. But she is determined to stay in her home.

"If I was in a nursing home, I'd only live for one more year," she said. "But if I live at home, I'll live to be 100."

The notion of doctors making house calls harkens back to an era before HMOs, medical centers and outpatient surgery centers.

Those visits offer insights not available during a 15-minute office visit. Doctors learn more about a patient's lifestyle, eating habits, their ability to take medicine and exercise.


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