Sunday, March 11, 2007

Go For RN, Then Back For A BSN?

Had a student ask if for the purposes of money, experience, they should get an AAS RN, then go back for their BSN once they had worked for a bit. I think Nursing school is difficult enough, as is going back once you're out there working. Many plan to go back - for many it never happens. If you are looking for a BSN (then MSN, NP, CNS, CRNA, etc) ultimately, why go through basic nursing programs twice? Unless you're in a program that will guarantee (do check the fine print) that they accept all your associates degree credits and only need to take two years worth of additional courses, it might be worth it. I'd never knock a person for wanting to go further in school, think it is great that you want a BSN. Do think you should go straight for it. Why are you considering getting the RN AAS first and then going back? If money is an issue, work as a nursing assistant or unit secretary part time as you go through, it will give you money and benefits in most places. More often places are paying large portions of nursing tuition as well. Sincerely,

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