Sunday, March 18, 2007

International Ask A Nurse Resources

International Ask A Nurse Resources

    Nursing - Ask an Expert!" Administration, Cardiology, Counseling, Diabetes, Education, Fitness, Home Health, ICU, IV Therapy, Mental Health, Oncology, Pediatrics, Practical Nurse, Public Health, Registered Nurse, Rehabilitation, Senior Health, Stress Management, Supervision, Surgery", ($13.95 Tax-Deductible? donation required):"If you have a specific medical need that requires searching multiple medical sites on the internet for: Medical related information, Medical Pictures, or Medical Videos, Ask The Nurse will take that burden away from you. We understand that searching the Internet for information on a particular condition or disease can be very time consuming. We will do the searching for you along with a Nurse ready to answer your questions, leaving you free to take care of other business instead of looking all over the Internet for answers to your medical questions. If it is Videos, News, Medication Information, or if you just need Medical Links to specific sites for your own browsing , Ask The Nurse will find the information that you need and present it to you with our Nurses ready to help you if you have questions.

    Vhi Healthcare, Ireland:"The "Ask the Nurse" service provides access to general, non-diagnostic health information via: • Email Your Query - Request up-to-date facts on general health matters using the query form below. • Call Me Back - Request a health professional from the HealthLine to call you at a convenient time for you."



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