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Ask A Nurse, Woundcare, Decubitus Ulcers

Woundcare, Decubitus Ulcers

    Ask-A-Nurse, Amerigel Wound Care Products:"Welcome to Amerigel's Ask-A-Nurse. Amerx Health Care Corporation is dedicated to producing quality products and providing support to our customers, both professional and consumer alike. We understand the frustration associated with managing wounds and the difficulty in finding a product that works well. Managing a wound is not a simple task and occasionally a customer has questions regarding our products, application techniques, appropriate dressings, etc. Clearly, any problem wound should be seen and assessed by a qualified practitioner so that a Management plan can be established. The information that we provide through Ask-A-Nurse should not be construed as the sole source of medical advice, but as a suggestion, as it is impossible to properly assess an individual's condition over the phone or in writing."
    Amerx Health Care Corporation
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