Sunday, March 18, 2007

Idaho Ask A Nurse Services

Hello, we've been notified that is Ask A Nurse services is no longer active. We'll leave the post up so people can visit our main page and view current providers.

Andrew Lopez, RN

Idaho Ask A Nurse Services:

Idaho Nursing Resources,



Andrew Lopez, RN
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Nicole said...

Idaho discontinued it's Ask a Nurse years ago. it's July 2010 and I just tried to call, and got a different office. I called the main hospital number and the lady I talked to said that too many people just use now.

Andrew Lopez, RN said...

Thanks Nicole, we posted that over three years ago, things do change. We'll update it on and I edited the post to reflect your comment. Appreciate the heads up!

Andrew Lopez, RN

Anonymous said...

Andrew- Is it possible to have the 208-367-3454 phone number removed from the site? Ask a Nurse is no longer available and I receive numerous phone calls daily from people who call for medical advice. This number now belongs to the Family Center.

Thanks for your help!