Sunday, March 18, 2007

National Ask A Nurse Resources

National Ask A Nurse Resources:

    ASK-A-NURSE, McKesson Health Solutions LLC.:"ASK-A-NURSE is the trademark name for telehealth services provided by registered nurses. Telehealth services include the telephone, Internet, electronic mail (email) and/or facsimile (fax). A consumer or patient may contact an ASK-A-NURSE call center to talk with a registered nurse about their symptoms. The nurse will assess the symptoms and provide advice on seeking care and improving symptoms. ASK-A-NURSE call centers answer healthcare questions, and give physician referrals. ASK-A-NURSE call centers also provide information about hospital and community services as well as wellness classes."

    Ask a healthcare professional."No more long waits on the phone or at the doctor's office. We'll connect you with a physician or therapist immediately. Through email or video, eConsult Live provides you with quick, easy and affordable access to medical advice and lifestyle counseling. Just click into one of the programs below." 909 S. Gramercy Place Los Angeles, CA 90019
    Tel: 323.731.9200 Fax: 323.386.0078 Email:

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